Choose the Best End of Life Care for Your Pet

Coping with the passing of a furry friend is never easy. It does not matter whether it is because of a terminal illness or approaching golden years. It hurts to say goodbye. Your pet relies on you for everything, and even now, in the end, they still depend on you. They need you to provide them with peace and comfort.


To make sure you provide this peace and comfort, you need to think through their end-of-life care. Consider where to care for your pet, who will do it, and how. You may choose palliative over home care if your pet suffers from a terminal illness.


Here are some points that can help you choose the best end-of-life care for your pet.


Palliative Care


Palliative care or pet hospice care involves nursing care and pain relief. It helps dying pets stay comfortable during their last days. When a pet parent provides palliative care for their furry friend, they want to provide comfort. There is no cure at this stage.


It is never easy to leave your pet at a hospice. However, you will have the comfort of knowing that your pet is safe. Pet hospices make their final days more pleasant. They give them proper pain medication, interact with them, and check their diet. Some people even choose palliative care until their pet dies naturally. Other people will opt to euthanize their pets.


Home Care


Some veterinarians can teach you how to take care of your pet from home. They teach intensive home care and how to make sure that your furry friend is as comfortable as possible. The home care option requires you to constantly supervise your pet, commit to it, and work closely with your vet team.


You will be your pet’s primary caregiver and the link between the vet team and your pet. Consult with your vet to settle on the best form of care.




It is never easy to put your pet down. However, be careful of prolonging the suffering of your furry friend. Even if your pet is under palliative care, you may have to let go. Continuing with it until your furry friend passes naturally may not be the right thing to do.


Euthanasia provides a peaceful end for your pet. It is painless and prevents your pet from suffering further. Veterinarians who provide this service have special training. They offer a humane and gentle death.


How Do They Euthanize?


The vet will inject your pet with a sedative. They follow up with medication that contains a euthanasia solution. The first sedative injection relieves anxiety and pain. The next one is a euthanasia solution that shuts down your pet’s brain activity and brings on the cardiopulmonary arrest. The process is serene and pain-free.


What If Your Pet Dies at Home?


If this happens, the choice is yours to remove the body from your home or memorialize your pet. Depending on your decision, you may have to keep the body for a short while. You may need to keep the body cool for at least 24 hours. You may have to refrigerate or freeze the body. You can also place the body on a concrete slab or in a cool place in your home. Do not wrap it so as not to trap heat.


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